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I’ve recently been having a look at media organisations to see if I can unpick their possible values, theirdifferent business approaches and the way that they position themselves online.

Hope and Glory PR  – A cracking public relations agency that I like to follow the work of. The company offers an ‘edgy’ and alternative approach to public relations that is hugely creative and cutting edge. What started off as a small founding team of two has moved up in the ranks and has a large team of professionals that work with hugely high profile clients such as O2, Sony and Virgin – the ‘team’ page on the website is full of colour and the upbeat photos of the many characters that ae part of the team.

The visual nature of the website and social media feeds are so effective and modern, employees for the company have great social media profiles individually and this contributes to the whole brand – they are also constantly responding to other companies and strategies within the larger public relations picture.

Media Clash is a Bath based publisher and creative agency that I wandered past when I visited the city. After looking at their online profile I found that they specialise in producing ‘City Life’ magazines for a number of regions including Exeter, Bath and Salisbury, as well as producing digital content, web content and media work for companies and clients. Their website is modern and fresh and includes examples of all of their previous work with links to their wider involvement. The news section provides the public with an insight into the quality and success of them as a producer and allows possible customers to get a feel for their values, business approach and the clients that they work with.

The website also includes a news page which gives relevant and up to date information and details on some of the complex briefs they have worked on, again deepening their public image.


Top 20 moments? Questionable…

I’m not too sure how to take the concept of Facebook judging my most important yearly events through the activity on my page. Have you checked out your top 20 moments this year?

Obviously, they are under the assumption that I will write and document each and every significant moment (I doubt so). Then, based cheekily on how many likes, comments and activity on my page they will rank the moments in my life.  I know it relies entirely on the usage of the user, and that this is not the case for a vast amount of people on good old FaceyB, but I do not broadcast the innermost important things in my life. Especially not the personal and most exciting moments because… have you guessed it? I’m actually living it. Obviously we are all awarded likes/comments/shares by our friends, but some posts that are juvenile and silly gain just as many likes as getting a new job or passing your driving test.

Yes we all broadcast our good days and bad days, we all post a picture of an enjoyable moment and we all try our very very hardest to make our lives seem interesting to everybody who might stumble upon our page.

Seemingly, one of my top 20 moments was a bit of university research in which I tagged some friends and asked them to comment. I doubt anybody would object to me saying that I did not count this as one of the most treasured parts of this year…just a necessary formality to obtain the research I needed to publish my results.

Thanks for the idea Facebook. But I think I’m alright…

What do you think?