I’m Sophie, small town girl from Cornwall living in Birmingham.

My days are spent studying the Media and Communication at Birmingham City University, focusing on three main areas consisting of public relations, journalism and photography.  My forte is in public relations – I have a passion for how brands are managed and relationships are built for an organisation. After working in the industry for two years (Busy Bees Benefits) alongside my degree I have first hand experience in managing campaigns, utilising social media and working with the media.

I am passionate about taking pictures in a personal light, and in a professional light – this is a topic I enjoy very much and want to pursue alongside a career in public relations. Examples of my photography can be found on my company page.

Football is my absolute passion – (not so much watching as playing), I have played since I was a young girl and have played at county (Devon and Cornwall) and regional level. For a club team, I also played in the south west premiership for Plymouth Argyle Ladies Football Club.

Since moving to Birmingham have continued the sport by joining Urban Kicks Ladies (sunday league) and Birmingham City University Ladies. I am the captain for Urban Kicks and have also been in the role of social secretary for the university team. Most recently I have been elected as captain for the university team for 2014/2015 season!


I am a qualified open water diver and I love being with interesting and friendly people. Luckily I am fortunate enough to have amazing, clever and fun people close to me who make my life so very beautiful.




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