Month: January 2014

A night to remember

I recently did some ticket design work for my local salon in Rugeley called Rachel Lamey Hair and Beauty. They were hosting a ladies night which would be full of glitz and glamour for their female customers. They approached me and asked me to design the ticket for the event and gave me the specifications.

They were very happy with the result and they printed it on beautiful vintage textured card to add to the nights classy touch!

The final ticket

The final ticket

I couldn’t make the event unfortunately but I heard that they had a lovely evening and made their customers very happy as always. Hopefully I will get to work with them in the future on anything similar!



Follow my other media fellow

Emily Brammeier is my friend, housemate and fellow student at Birmingham City University.

Please take a look and follow her blog and her professional Twitter account.

“The ramblings of Emily Brammeier, a media and PR student at Birmingham City University”

Birmingham International Fashion Week

Millennium Point March 2013

The second city rocked its first ever international fashion week on the 9th and 10th of March. Designers from all over the world came to showcase their pieces on the catwalk.

I particularly loved the work by Tijana and Mila Popovic, their outfits were edgy and grungy and their show had complete flare. Ricardo Ramos was also a pleasure to meet, I got chance to speak to him about his ventures in Germany, Berlin and everywhere around the world working on his 2013/14 collection.

After being invited to attend and take pictures at the glamorous official press launch at Mechu Bar and Grill, I got the pleasure of being asked to carry out a photo shoot for the Birmingham International Fashion Week head office team on the day of the event.  My task was to head out on to the streets of Birmingham city centre and get a ‘style during BHMFW‘ collection of images to be uploaded on to the website. The images aimed to show what the very stylish public were wearing during the event and people who participated were given a free ticket with a guest to Birmingham International Fashion Week.

The shoot was challenging as it was very cold outside and the weather was not particularly brilliant, but I had very good fun and learnt a lot! Approaching people was daunting for the first few times, but once they were told that their style was great and that they could get tickets in return for a picture they soon agreed and became part of the weekend.

Tijana and Mila Popovic 2013

Tijana and Mila Popovic 2013

After being out on the streets in minus degrees and returning with a memory card full of sassy styled bods, I finally ended up at the end of the catwalk snapping the designer’s shows. This was a different experience entirely as the fast paced collection  didn’t leave me much time for error. However I had a privileged position in the press area and a camera in my hand and I made sure I got as many shots as possible.

An amazing weekend all round! Check out the website for the 2014 Birmingham International Fashion Week information.

Cheap and cheerful ways to get creative with your lens

This is a good idea for a cheap photography trick for us students, using crafty things to improvise and add some artistic flare to your images without the hefty price tags.

Have a peek, you might like it too.

Top 20 moments? Questionable…

I’m not too sure how to take the concept of Facebook judging my most important yearly events through the activity on my page. Have you checked out your top 20 moments this year?

Obviously, they are under the assumption that I will write and document each and every significant moment (I doubt so). Then, based cheekily on how many likes, comments and activity on my page they will rank the moments in my life.  I know it relies entirely on the usage of the user, and that this is not the case for a vast amount of people on good old FaceyB, but I do not broadcast the innermost important things in my life. Especially not the personal and most exciting moments because… have you guessed it? I’m actually living it. Obviously we are all awarded likes/comments/shares by our friends, but some posts that are juvenile and silly gain just as many likes as getting a new job or passing your driving test.

Yes we all broadcast our good days and bad days, we all post a picture of an enjoyable moment and we all try our very very hardest to make our lives seem interesting to everybody who might stumble upon our page.

Seemingly, one of my top 20 moments was a bit of university research in which I tagged some friends and asked them to comment. I doubt anybody would object to me saying that I did not count this as one of the most treasured parts of this year…just a necessary formality to obtain the research I needed to publish my results.

Thanks for the idea Facebook. But I think I’m alright…

What do you think?